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Our goal is to bring YOU peace of mind

Contacting healthcare providers and insurance companies 

Let our professional team call your insurance company or medical team and resolve your claim issues. With years of experience, we know the questions to ask and how to resolve your claim questions, saving you time and stress. 



Reviewing medical bills 

Our team can review your correspondence that is sent to you by your healthcare provider or insurance company ensuring you are paying the correct amount to your provider, ensuring your claims have been reviewed by a claim professional. 

  • Providing guidance and education for INSURANCE ENROLLMENT

We can review your current benefit and policy information and help you choose the best options of healthcare coverage. 

Are you new to Medicare? We can walk you through the process and answer your questions along the way. 

  • Organizing and filing health insurance forms and paperwork 

We are here to help keep all of the necessary paperwork organized and file claims on your behalf to your HSA or Flex plans to ensure your claims will be processed and paid timely while keeping it seamless and effortless for you. 

Negotiating provider fees for uninsured patients and procedures

Let our professional team call your healthcare team and help establish a payment arrangement for your upcoming procedures.  We have the experience in negotiating and working with your medical provider to  ensure for no surprises on your next bill.